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Spanish Specialties


Ice coffee, Ice chocolate
Hot chocolate
Freshly squeezed orange juice







Jamon serrano
Sobresado (spanish spread)

Tortilla w salad
Chorizo Roll
Toast plain or raisin w assorted spreads
Banana Bread
Focaccias choice of...
Vegetarian: cheese & tomato roasted eggplant grilled capsicum & lettuce
Ham, salami, cheese, Chicken schnitzel, cheese, tomato, rocket & special mayo

Sandwich on turkish or brown bread
Cheese & tomato
Cheese & tomato & lettuce
With leg ham or Spanish salami





Churros spanish donut
Portuguese custard
Muffins & friands, orange cake, hazlenut, chocolate, & apple slice
Mini ricotta cheesecake (see display for fresh daily specials)
Cinnamon bun, bagels
Arroz con Leche
(Spanish rice pudding)
CAKES see display w icecream 1.00c extra
Icecream 3 scoops w choc or caramel topping
30c extra

  Cappuccino, Flat white, Latte, Hot Chocolate
Bon Bon, Vienna, Mocha

Soy milk, Cream & Specialist coffees:
American, Brazilian, Caramel, Columbian, Costa Rica, Cronulla, Ethiopian, French-Mocha, Guatemala, Kenya, Pearl. Royal Kenya, Organic, Blue Mountain, Nicaragua, Gold, Africa, Swiss Decaf. Swiss Decaf
Tea, Herbal Teas, Chai, Chai Latte
$3.70 / 4.50

  Ice coffee, iced chocolate
Sparkling mineral water
Still mineral water
Small freshly squeezed orange juice
Large freshly squeezed orange juice

A cool sweet traditional spanish drink made from the root of the chuffa plant (a bit like almond flavoured milk)
CROISSANTS plain toasted
With ham & cheeese, butter jam
Almond & chocolate


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