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Roasted Coffee Beans

Rather than buy coffee that has been sitting on the supermarket shelf for three months to a year, you can order a variety of coffee blends directly from the roaster so that freshness is assured and, surprisingly enough, you will pay about the same price. Not only can we provide you with the large range of roasted coffee beans you see below but we can also blend a mixture of them so you get your coffee exactly the way you like it.

Orders can be taken by telephone, internet or in person at 60 Kings Cross Road, Potts Point, Sydney. Open 24 hours a day.

Our Blends    
Spanish Blend   A combination of a large variety of coffees, expertly blended to produce a strong, full bodied aromatic and rich flavour.
Swiss Decaf   A Colombian coffee naturally decaffeinated using a chemical free Swiss process which provides a delicious full bodied flavoursome coffee without the caffeine.
New Guinea   A refreshing fruity flavoured coffee with a light to medium body.
Columbia   A moderately aromatic, medium bodied coffee with a rich and mellow flavor.

Brazil Santos

  This coffee has a sharp taste with a light body which leaves a delightful smooth aftertaste.
Kenya Royal   A well rounded coffee with a medium to strong body and flavour.
French Mixture   Expertly blended to form a medium strength body and flavour.
American Blend   A mix of various coffees forming a well rounded but mild flavour.
Caramel Espresso   Highly roasted coffee to give a very strong, sharp taste.
Ethiopia   Has an excellent full bodied flavour with a medium roast.
Guatemala   This coffee has a medium body with a nice smooth taste.
Blue Mountain (New Guinea)   Interesting coffee with a strong and smooth flavour.
Kenya Pearl   A small rounded bean which gives a delicious and smooth sweet cup.
Cronulla Blend   A mix of Nicaragua, Ethiopia and Columbian coffees to form a well rounded and full bodied cup of coffee.
Nicaragua Gold   This coffee is noted by its particular large bean. It is roasted to a fairly high level and gives an aromatic, quite sharp flavour with good body.
African   A strong aromatic rich chocolatey flavour.
Costa Rica   A full bodied coffee with a light to medium acidity and strong flavour which produces a delicate aftertaste.


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