Choosing the right coffee beans can be difficult, especially due to the many variants in flavour intensities and profiles. There is a world of information out there and choices can seem endless. At Cafe Hernandez we take all the guess work out of the equation. We are the coffee experts and have been for many years. Visit us today or call for all the information you'll need in deciding the right coffee beans for you.


You can achieve amazing results with Percolated Coffee if it is done correctly! Percolated Coffee is essentially attained by continually cycling boiling or nearly boiling water through the coffee grounds until the desired strength is achieved. Visit Cafe Hernandez today to find out more information about everything coffee related, speak to the experts first!


A Coffee Plunger or French Press is an alternative tool used in brewing coffee. This method in coffee brewing is an infusion style of extracting coffee that leaves a less concentrated liquid. It allows coffee drinkers the ability to enjoy the subtleties of certain types of coffee blends and is highly recommended by the Cafe Hernandez team!


The Atomic Coffer maker was conceived by Giordano Robbiati in 1946. This unique device combines the best of Italian functionality and craft to create stunning cups of coffee, it is extremely easy to use and extracts more flavour from ground coffee beans ideal for espressos. Contact the Cafe Hernandez team directly for more information today!


Filter coffee can best be defined or described as drip coffee. The perfect Filter Coffee can be achieved by pouring hot water over ground coffee beans and letting the water absorb the flavour profiles, before dripping through the filer into a coffee pot or mug. Get in contact with us today or visit Cafe Hernandez for more information!


Take your home coffee brewing to the next level with your very own Stove Top Moka Pot. This device brews coffee by passing boiling water through ground coffee. This device is used all over the world and has to potential to make amazing at home coffee with little to no effort at all!


Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee full of flavour that is served in shot form. It is brewed by pressurising hot water through extremely fine ground coffee beans. You may notice a reddish-brown froth form at the top of the shot, this forms when air bubbles combine with the oils of the fine ground coffee, it provides a very rich rich flavour and aroma of espresso.


Turkish Coffee is a brewing method that uses very fine ground arabica coffee bean varieties. The process begins with bringing powered coffee combined with water and sugar to a near boil, before taking it off the heat completely and serving. Turkish Coffee is often served in small porcelain cups alongside treats!